Communicating the United Nations’ contribution to the development of the Pakistani people. A recently released research study on the global perception of the Unites Nations found that 61% of Pakistanis had no opinion. This data most likely translates in lack of knowledge of the activities of the UN in the country. The One UN Programme II offers an unprecedented opportunity for increasing the level of recognition of the United Nations in Pakistan and for determining a positive change in the above mentioned percentage. In order to achieve this objective, the UN Communications Group will work in close collaboration with the UN Information Center, the Resident Coordinator’s Office and the other UN agencies, funds and programmes to develop a communications strategy. The strategy will aim at raising awareness of the development priorities in the country, at engaging Pakistani counterparts in communicating those priorities, at keeping the donor community informed on the achievements of the One UN Programme. The plan will target the media, governmental institutions, the general public, the donor community and the civil society. It will focus on developing a set of corporate communications products, on enhancing digital communications by updating both content and visual identity of the UN in Pakistan website and by disseminating information through selected social media channels. Bilingual communications will be considerably strengthened by increasing the number of information available in Urdu. The celebration of UN observances will be a high-priority with a special focus on those themes falling within the strategic priorities of the One UN Programme. Relations with the media will be fostered at both national and provincial level and media workshops will be organized in the provinces. The plan will include also political advocacy events targeting both federal and provincial governmental institutions as well as the donor community. Support from national celebrities will be sought for delivering key information to the general public. The UN Communications Group will be the main implementer of the communications strategy and will rely on a continued support by the UNCT to ensure adequate funds and human resources.